From Tudor Style to Board & Batten

Updated: Jun 18, 2019

Remodeling your home is not limited to the interior of your home. If you're looking to do more than change the exterior color of your home (did we mention we can do that too?), considering modernizing your home, like we did at this home owners request.

Add integrity to the exterior of your home while modernizing it & increasing your property value.

The time is now, call us at 630-673-9667 today for a free estimate, or email us at

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Exterior Carpentry: We updated from a tudor style home to board and batten in Carol Steam, IL & our clients couldn't be happier!

When it comes to upgrading the exterior of your home, choose your contractor wisely. The exterior of your home protects you from the harsh elements. Work that is done with low-end materials, installed improperly or in a rush may save you thousands up front, but end up costing you thousands more in the long run.

We have been proudly serving the Western Suburbs for over 20 years because of the quality of our craftsmanship, professionalism, & honest communication with our clients.

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