Kitchen Remodel - in Progress

Updated: Feb 26, 2020

Everyone knows the kitchen is the central location of a home for gatherings. As times have changed, so have needs. More & more people are prioritizing storage, efficiency, and want a unique custom look.

Custom kitchen remodels are more affordable than you'd think, and who doesn't want their own twist on their kitchen? Whether you are an avid chef, baker, or just want a fresh feel, we can customize it to your needs.

Here you'll see some before pictures of a kitchen remodel we are in the process of completing in the western suburbs of Chicago, IL.

Where there used to be a desk, the homeowner opted for a custom pantry with a farm house style barn door. We also created a drawer for the microwave - unlike previous trends of having it about the stove, and upgraded all appliances to stainless steel. A fresh coat of paint to compliment the cabinets and new color scheme, brightening the room and help create that highly desired open feel.

For this renovation, since the cabinets themselves were still in good shape we opted to save our client thousands by professional painting them instead of replacing them entirely. The custom island really brings this kitchen together and along with the new modern black pendant lighting & black faucet. A modern, sophisticated, custom kitchen. What a dream!

Please note this home renovation is still in progress, we can't wait to share the final pictures once it's completed!

If you have been debating a kitchen remodel or renovation, now is the time. We can make your Pinterest or Houzz dreams a reality.

Give us a call at 630-673-9697 for a free estimate or visit Kitchen Remodeling for more inspiration!

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