Kitchen Remodel in Naperville, IL for 1/2 the price!

We work hard to take our clients wants and needs, and we make them a reality.

This kitchen remodel was done for 1/2 the price of a traditional full remodel by reusing the existing cabinetry and expanding the existing kitchen island.

We then took the existing island, made it the same level, and expanded it out.

We customized this piece, making it timeless and elegant per our clients request. We love the attention to detail and the added electrical outlet to make this piece more functional. The dark island makes a bold statement against the newly re-stained cherry cabinetry, while the granite countertop and barstools bring it all together.

Naperville, IL Kitchen Remodel | Cavallo Contracting
Finished Kitchen Remodel - Naperville, IL | Cavallo Contracting

The final product is absolutely stunning. Our clients are very satisfied with their newly remodeled kitchen, especially for half the price of a traditional remodel!

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