Impact of a Remodel on a Family

So, my post today is about how the impact of a remodel on a family can be severe during its process. I’ve worked many job sites over my 30 years of doing this, and the care and concern of the primary or general contractor is everything. Awareness of how the family functions on a day to day basis before project start is everything.

A few examples of behavior I’m extremely strict about:

1) Larger multi room projects should be done on a room by room basis.....don’t tear up the whole house at once!! Give them a place to exist and function. Finish an area, give it back and move on.

2) Don’t run multiple projects at once-there should be a crew there everyday until completion. That’s the generals job, to schedule for efficiency.

3) Respect every family member, including their pets. People are typically gone more during the day with a remodel, take the dog for a short walk with permission, pet me, they are stressing.

4) Don't block the driveway, or the neighbors! Don’t drive on the grass....organize your trucks... just like your tools, and your work areas. Clean up every night without fail, doing your best to minimize the impact.

I’m sure many can relate to what’s important to us here at Cavallo Contracting. Below picture is a good example of how I even make the guys park at my sites 😏Check us out, or on Facebook!!

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