"We have been exceptionally pleased with the final results" Daniel & Karen M | Elgin, IL

Exceeding our clients needs is always wonderful feedback. Thank you Daniel & Karen for sharing your experience with Cavallo Contracting.. we're glad you're in love with the results!

"Initially we hired Joe Cavallo of Cavallo Painting and Decorating to paint our house, knowing that some repair/restoration was needed. Joe worked with us over several months, restoring and painting our house and garage. Considerable work was required to bring both back to life. Joe and his devoted work team guided us through the process with skill and dedication, yet with a careful eye to the bottom line. We were so impressed by the quality of their work that we decided to use them to undertake some more extensive remodeling while they were available.

We have been exceptionally pleased with the final results. Neighbors and friends have commented on the quality of the workmanship and the careful, meticulous work they observed daily. For us, it was a pleasure to work with Joe. In fact, when the team ‘moved out’ at the end of the project, we realized how much we enjoyed having them here each day.

Characteristics that stand out for us include the following:

Project oversight. Joe managed all aspects of the project, from selection of shingles to rebuilding storm windows and screens. We were confident in his abilities throughout.

Admirable work ethic of the entire crew. It became obvious that Joe takes care in selecting his workmen and that he takes care of them, concerned about their health and well being when temperatures soared.

Passion – The passion Joe possesses for his work and the results became obvious very quickly. He has high standards for himself and his crew. It’s not just a job for him. He takes great pride in producing the highest quality of work.

Promptness – Joe called, emailed or arrived for appointments when he said he would. He was always easy to reach via phone or email. After experiencing other unreliable workmen in the past, we have greatly appreciated Joe’s professionalism.

Honesty and forthrightness – when he didn’t have an answer for us, he investigated an issue and returned with explanations and options.

Joe is experienced with paint textures, qualities and colors. He worked for years for a paint manufacturer and he knows paint inside out … he said the process of color selection would evolve and indeed it did. We made the final decisions but he guided and counseled us as the process evolved.

Willingness to work with and learn from other professionals. During the course of our project, Joe met several other Elgin contractors – woodworkers who contributed to our project by building storm windows or offering advice on various aspects (pillars, posts, etc.).

Cost accounting- Joe kept meticulous records of all expenses for both materials and labor. He worked hard to keep the project within our budget, but without sacrificing the quality of the final product.

In summation, we are very pleased to give Cavallo Painting and Decorating the highest recommendation. We are confident that others will be as pleased with his work as we are."

*Pictures coming soon*

Daniel and Karen M.

Elgin, IL

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