Eight Days til Spring!

Cavallo Contracting

As the spring season approaches, many of you will feel this unwavering need to repair/replace/ or renew. And we are all guilty of it, this nesting instinct is within us. Most start with landscaping, and I’m already seeing the posts. But when we take the time to inspect the outside of our house, and see what needs to be done....it is then we realize that this should have been the starting point. Wood rot and unprotected substrates are no joke and can quickly spread into much costlier repairs if not caught early. You’ve all seen my posts before, and hopefully have noted who we are, and what we do. We Specialize in Interior/ Exterior carpentry and painting. Our prep work is unmatched, and we have been in business 20 years. We didn’t just pick up a hammer and a brush, the minute we realized we can reach so many possible customers on social media platforms. I respect any individuals eagerly pursuing having their own businesses, but experience and knowledge are key to putting out a quality product that will last for years. And people expect and deserve that! Last year alone we were called in to redo a total of four projects due to improper workmanship. Please consider who and what your chosen contractor is bringing to the table when getting your estimates. Make sure your comparing apples to apples while reviewing quotes. And I implore you to do your due diligence in checking references and experience within your project scope. I can’t tell you how many times, I have skipped through a service request post because I see the first words are: inexpensive, or reasonably priced contractor to: etc. I understand the need for affordability, but your decision shouldn’t be completely cost driven, quality should be paramount and to choose the cheapest quote may end up costing you more over time. Many of my contractor friends on here will agree, and I’m sure they bypass these requests as well. So are you really reaching out to qualified people , or are you simply getting the guy who is willing to do it for 1/2  and will provide no guarantees when the “work” is done.? We only know how to do things one way, and that’s the right way...and our bids reflect that. We have returned to do many projects a second, or third time for many of our long time clients. Word of mouth is how we acquire most of our work as this picture represents, three in a row in Glen Ellyn !! The old adage “You get what you pay for “ can’t be any more important than in the realm of contract work on your home. Everyone have an awesome spring, I know we all need it.


Joe Cavallo

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